• Customer ordering and items sequence in real time displayed on Clover.
  • Name and selfie of customer appear on merchant’s Clover terminal when ordering.
  • Integration to Clove’s orders, inventory, transactions, customers, reports and the ShopScanGo back end.
  • Kitchen Order Display(s) option automaticity posts time to produce, past due alerts and paid orders.
  • Secure, PCI, https, encrypted and tokenized.
  • Maintaining updates to all platforms is included.
  • Common MID total of daily batches with Clover and other POS systems.
  • Business platform posts data to a common link.
  • XLS data exports.



  • App-A-Brand creates dynamic mobile apps for businesses and merchants and publish them on the Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Items and images are listed in each category.
  • Multiple stores if applicable are integrated into one app.
  • Logo button is merchant’s art as is search name on App Store and Google Play.
  • Apple Store and Google Play are the recognized way for customers to download Apps.
  • Apps are exclusive and contains no third party competitive advertising.

Copyright 2019 PatPend. Cashkey, Inc.


  • Silver  App-A-Brand and ShopScanGo.
  • Platinum  App-A-Brand, ShopScanGo and a Clover POS device. 
  • Gold  App-A-Brand, ShopScanGo. Clover POS devices, ScanGo.TV and instillation.


  • Promotion options to signed App customers via email or text.
  • Discount are determined by $ or % with active times and expired time / dates.


  • Text, Scan or Link for customers to acquire your App.
  • Two Factor authentication of customers at sign up for security and verification.
  • Finger print and facial recognition to quickly login and verify payments by customers.
  • Payments Credit Card and Apple.
  • Pay with App or Pay at Counter options.
  • Geo-zone alerts and triggers that includes payment, listing and deals.
  • Map direction automated to store with Pushpin in to immediately see Deals.

* Other POS integrations are available.


  • Custom requirements option so customers can quickly order out-of-store or in-store.
  • Table ID option scanned by customers with orders, re-orders or service requested.
  • 'Buy a Friend a Burger' or any item is sent to recipient with validation codes on the receipt.
  • Scan a barcode as from a customer’s visor code or Select from a Category.
  • ScanGo.TV enables customers to scan an item and order or gift from video ads with our digital display option.
  • Mirror digital display option to consumer’s smartphone screen.